JFK Car Service

JFK Car Service

JFK Car Service is the busiest international airport in the United States, handling around 50 million passengers a year. It has more than 90 airlines and is the only US airport with flights to all 6 inhabited continents. All of this can sometimes be a test for travelers looking for an easy and pleasant trip. Luxor Limo provides you with the best car service on the go to or from JFK. We look forward to your return to the airport to make the last leg of your trip easy and stress-free.  Our shapes can be adjusted to any size party in cars, limousines, and vans. Continuing limo service services to leave and take in JFK are becoming an extremely popular option for travelers who want the very best. Contact Luxor Limo and find the right service for your needs the next time you leave or leave the Kennedy Airport. Matt & Greet – Your Luxor Limousine driver can meet you at the initial convenient airport location, usually by claiming luggage for domestic flights or departing from the customs of international flights.

Your driver will be waiting for an agreed landmark, such as a Starbucks or a currency exchange. If you do not have any luggage and prefer to pick up the curbside, a simple call to landing will guarantee that your car and driver sign in to the window when you exit the JF terminal. Luxor limo drivers are easily recognized in their black-tie uniforms. They are reliable, professional and polite and can help you with all your travel needs from the moment you take care of them. Our limousines go from JFK to New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. They are equipped with GPS and ready for service. The Luxor owns and operates its fleet and can guarantee the car you need, in the unlikely event that a Late Model car will be, whether a sedan, a long limo, SUV, or van, passenger numbers and luggage. Depending on the amount of General Chat Lounge.

Language does not provide any problems for those who ride with us. All our drivers are English speakers. In addition, we have drivers who speak other languages ​​to make your journey easier and easier. Luxor tailors every trip to suit the needs of travelers. There is no set menu or program. Your luxury car and driver are only available to you. JFK Car Service most famous service in the USA.

Who Was John F. Kennedy?

John F. Kennedy served in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the United States Senate before becoming the 35th president in 1961. As president, Kennedy faced numerous foreign crises, most notably in Cuba and Berlin, but he succeeded in achieving successes such as the Nuclear Test, leading to inter-contract and alliance progress. On November 22, 1963, Kennedy was assassinated while riding a motorcycle in Dallas, Texas. JFK Car Service most famous service in the USA.

JFK International Airport Information

  • Airport code: JFK
  • Address: Queens, NY 11430
  • Phone number: (718) 244-4444
  • Number of terminals: 6
  • Website: https://www.jfkairport.com
  • Distance to city center: 13 miles

Travel Time to and from JFK Airport:

  • NEWARK, NJ ~ 1.5 HOURS

JFK Car Service Information:

Important Tips JFK Car Service:

Tipping is a good service tradition. Taxis at JFK Airport receive a $ 52 flat fare for travel between the airport and Manhattan.

  • Taxis charge 50 4.50 during peak hours (4-8 pm, excluding holidays), at $ 56.50.
  • New York trips also include a New York state tax of 50 cents, but for travel to NJ.
  • Passenger’s One fare pays for all travelers to the same destination.
  • Four-passenger (five in Minivan) is the limit for New York City taxis.
  • At the beginning of the trip, the meter should read at 3.00 (excluding JFK-Manhattan $ 52 flat ferry trips) please obtain your receipt.
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