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Taxi Stuck After New Canaan Man Refuses to Move

A Canaan freshman insists on an occupied taxi ride, and the Wendles hit South Elementary School. On June 6, a new Canaan was charged with corruption after he refused to relocate the taxi and its user on the way, the sergeant said.  Carol Ogren. Adrian Cesar, 35, allegedly got into a dispute with a taxi driver who was already in the car. Cesar reportedly asked the 41-year-old driver to give him a ride home because he allegedly went out drinking with friends, Ogrenk said. The driver, who repeatedly told Caesar to move, alerted New Canaan police, who arrived at 10:38 am. Police said at the train station off Elm Street to find a father-in-law with a smell of alcohol on his breath.

Cesar was released June 20 on a promise to present a court date, police said. Subscribe Police are investigating a basketball headboard vandalism at a South School June 4, police said. A male employee at the school reported to police that a basketball headboard at the bottom of the game had been damaged by two holes and was shattered, apparently by two rocks that arrived on the ground, Ogrenk said. Were present. The incident took place around 4 pm on the 1st of June. On June 4 at 8:25 pm and the headboards cost about $ 500, Ogren said.  New Canaan police were arrested June 5 by New Canaan Police on charges of driving violations and failure to appear in a previous court on the same driving violations, police said. Police said 23-year-old Krizia G. Jaramillo was found at a traffic stop on Norlok Road when he could be without insurance, vehicle registration and a suspended license.

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The officer reported and reported that there was an active arrest warrant for Jaramillo’s failure to present a May 25 court date, which came from a March 7 traffic stop that revealed he was without insurance. The vehicle was insured, said Ogrenk, the expired vehicle, registration and suspended a license. Jaramillo is scheduled to appear in court June 15, and his bond is set at $ 1,500. Police are investigating another incident of theft of copper wire from an electric substation on New Norwalk Road, police said.

Police said an employee of the Spindle Tree Company reported theft of 500 to 700 pounds of scrap copper wire at a substation on June 7 at 7:57 p.m. The man, who parked his truck in the substation area, said the wire was last seen May 31 in the rear of the truck where it was stored, Ogrenk said. Police said the fence was not cut this time, but the barbed wire was tilted. The value of stolen copper is estimated at 2,100. The previous theft of copper wire from this location was estimated at May 3,000, Ogren said.

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